Success Stories

Here are just some success stories of our winners:

Micki Pagano and Tony Parente have garnered representation with Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films Management as a result of their Script Savvy win for the screenplay Dream.
You can find out more about Micki and Tony's other ventures here. Congratulations, guys!

Two time Script Savvy winner R. Scott Shields has been hired to write a sci-fi adventure for Hydraulx Entertainment (SKYLINE).  The deal was announced in Variety's 2/16/11 issue.  Scott is represented by Brent Travers of Ascend Entertainment and attorney Shep Rosenman of Katz Golden Rosenman.

Two-time Script Savvy winner Irin Evers has optioned his urban feature screenplay "Every time I go to Staten Island something bad happens..." to ChipAway Productions with Don Cato ("Be My Oswald") to direct. Production is planned for March 2011.

To find out more about Irin, visit Neurotic Boy Productions.

Script Savvy winner Kelly Parks is developing "Universal Dead" for Paramount Pictures distribution. Mr. Parks is writer and producer on the film.

Our May 2009 winner Kiss Me Lucky garnered nearly 30 script requests for author Sheri Davenport, which ultimately lead to an option agreement with Smash Media Films. Congratulations, Sheri!

Congratulations to Alan Cockrill and Stephen Lincoln. Director/producer Thomas Anthony Taddeo with NystreeFilms read the first 20 pages of their Script Savvy winning screenplay "The Mind of a Political Assassin" and signed them to write an as-of-yet untitled con artist thriller.

January 2009 contest winner Kelly Parks has optioned his screenplay "Drawing Dead" with Magic Factory Productions. 

Marjory Kaptanoglu

We're also happy to announce that Marjory Kaptanoglu has landed a writing assignment with our sponsor SolPictures, based on the strength of her October 2008 winning screenplay "Direct Descent".

Zack Van EyckZack Van Eyck, an honorable mention winner in the June 2008 Script Savvy contest, recently optioned his screenplay "Alley Cats" to Bad Turtle Productions. This is the fourth option for Van Eyck, whose first movie, "Jupiter Landing" is available for rental via Netflix. He currently has 5 scripts in development or pre-production.

Congratulations to these authors!


It's very hard to get noticed when you're an unproduced wannabe screenwriter and your "writing resume" is a blank sheet of paper. That's why it's important early on to enter contests because winning or at least doing well is a credit worth mentioning during a pitch. I've entered lots of contests and Script Savvy stands out for its quick turn around time and awesomely useful coverage. I always recommend it when I meet other screenwriters. - Kelly Park, Drawing Dead

Awesome notes! Your readers did a terrific job. Every detail was accurate and all the suggestions were helpful and well-supported by the reader's reasoning. I am blown away by the quality of Script Savvy's feedback. You guys really do make a difference. - James T. Frazier, Calliope

Wow, that was amazingly helpful. I didn't know what to expect but I must admit to being impressed with the thoughtful, professional feedback. I'm really glad I responded to Script Savvy! - Kathryn Pratt Rogers, His & Hers

Your readers are obviously very talented and insightful. They obviously read my work very carefully and upon reflection, I agree wholeheartedly with the weaknesses they pointed out. I plan to begin rewrites soon and intend to use your services on all future projects. - Thomas Slagle, The Ark

I am so grateful for this feedback. I still can't believe how thorough it was. Thank you to all the readers for such great feedback! - Lizbett Perez, Act Your Age

I have to say I was very impressed by the detail of the notes. Sometimes I wonder if the screenplays are really read at these competitions, but it's clear that your readers did a thorough job. It's obvious they read my screenplay carefully and took the time to give me some very useful notes. That alone made this contest stand out from most others in my mind. Thanks again! - Adam Perin, Courageous

I am thoroughly pleased by your assessment. Your insight will allow me to improve this script and future projects. I truly appreciate the time the readers put into my feedback. Thank you for providing this service to aspiring artists! - NaTanya Stewart, Musth

(from a contest winner): I can't tell you how much I appreciate your follow up, so different than any other contest I've entered. Most basically take your money and wave good luck! Script Savvy rocks! - Sheri Davenport, Kiss Me Lucky

I just wanted to thank you so much for the script analysis. This detailed analysis has honed in on quite a few opportunities that I can see so clearly now. It is totally invaluable and has given me some practical tools and confidence with which to rewrite the script. - Kathleen Allen, The Jamelon Story

Thanks to you and your team for incredibly insightful and helpful feedback. I really appreciate all the thought and time that was put into analyzing my story. Most impressed. - Jeremy Shipp, The Svengali Effect

I must say that this feedback is extremely helpful. Frankly, I did not expect this depth of comment. I will certainly use this coverage to revise the story, and submit a second script to Script Savvy. - Jim Kubat, Cry For Help

Oh my gosh! I'd just like to say thank you so very much for the feedback. I have learned so much from it! - Sara Sellwood, Dissipation

I am so impressed by the reader's professionalism, knowledge of the craft and insight as to what I need to do to make this a better script. The encouragement was special but they gave me great advice and direction on so many areas. That has been the best part of your contest for me. - Bill Johnston, Family Remains

Wow! I have worked with 6 editors, spent thousands of dollars, and done at least a hundred rewrites on this one story. Your team helped me for under $100 and in 30 days! I'm ready for the next contest thanks to Script Savvy. - Henry Yarghn, Nephilim Awakening

I just read the feedback and it is excellent. It's tremendous to get such a fresh and useful insight into my screenplay. - Sean Breathnach, The Warlord

I received my analysis and wanted to thank you. Your suggestions were fantastic and I can't wait to improve my screenplay. I feel like you and your team went to great efforts to analyze my work. I truly appreciate your time. - Rita Marcotte, Wellington Manor

I must say to you and your readers, superb! Based on my analysis, clearly the readers not just read my script but read it thoroughly and took the time to care. Any contestant asks only one thing... a fair chance. And your readers do more than that and for that I applaud them. - Jeff DeVuono, The Dogs of Peace

Thanks for the great review! I had a consultant look at this one, too. She made some similar suggestions but the comments in your review were a lot more specific. Script Savvy is now one of the places I'll be sending all my screenplays for feedback. - Derek Ladd, Toxin

Values are rare, and your service happens to be just that. If I'm being honest, I almost felt guilty paying so little for so much. Thanks again for the excellent product. - Jeff Parker, In For a Pound

Thank you very much for your extremely helpful analysis. I found your feedback to be precise and constructive and, perhaps as important, delivered in a positive and supportive manner. When my next script is complete yours will be the first contest I submit it to. - Lowell Jay Hochstein, Door Nail Dead

Thank you for the great feedback. It was very professional with suggestions I'll use to improve the script. I won't hesitate to recommend Script Savvy to other screenwriters. Thanks again! - Don Welch, Cherokee Nightfall

I was pleasantly surprised at how extensive, perceptive, and professional the coverage I received was. It was obvious that the script was read carefully and thoughtfully. Script Savvy's reputation for feedback remains excellent; that makes so much difference to those of us just trying to break in. To get honest and specific feedback is very hard to come by. You will definitely see my next script. - Steve Hess, In Jeopardy

Many thanks to the staff at Script Savvy. This is my second time around with two different screenplays and the straightforward and insightful comments have been extremely valuable. I appreciate the time and efforts of everyone at Script Savvy. - Lucia Smith, Escape Routes and Keepers

My script was entered in your February contest. Although I didn't win I am not disappointed because I am very impressed with the detailed and very useful feedback you gave me. I am a complete beginner to script writing so your constructive comments will be invaluable to me. Steve Raynsford-Smith, Caratacus

Thank you - the notes are exceptionally astute. I appreciate your help. You are very perceptive! - Howard Rayner, The Shadow of the Tail

Thank you SO MUCH for your comments. This is just what I needed to kick my script into overdrive. - Justin Pollak, Drama

I just want to say how much I appreciate Script Savvy! I can't tell you what the kind words said in this feedback meant to me or how much I needed to hear what you said, but more importantly, how much I appreciate the way you continue to challenge me. - Sandy Scherer, Miracles

Thank you Script Savvy! This was an excellent analysis of my first spec script attempt. The weakness you highlighted in my writing will be easily strengthened. The few category high scores you gave me energize my desire to keep on writing. Best dollar I've spent in a long time. - Mitchell Hodge, The Unox

This is by far the best feedback I have received in regards to being personal and pointing out the flaws in my screenplay. I look forward to doing a rewrite, plus your comments I will apply to my other screenplays and enter them in your contest as well. Thanks for everything! - Keith Makenas, Luzinski's Final Days

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your critique of my script. It was well worth the money, and then some. I am excited to have found a company that I will bring my first, second and third drafts to. - Donte Felder, So I Am

I would like to sincerely thank you all for the wonderful analysis of my screenplay. The advice was well-appreciated, and I am focusing my efforts on strengthening the points where improvements are needed. Thank you again for your insights. The investment was well worth the cost. - Andrew Savini, Penny Drinks

I want to thank your judges for taking the time to present such a thorough and helpful analysis of my script. Many thanks for the inspiring feedback. It will be put to good use! - John Bain, Alias Bonn

Please tell all involved thank you very much for the feedback. It is clear and concise. I now know what I need to improve. Most of the stuff they mentioned was aligned with my gut feeling, and I am happy that the script is almost there. - Bill Hogan, The Parole

Your analysis is clear, helpful, and comprehensive. I had an idea that some structural problems in my script might need attention, but I held my nose and jumped, hoping that the problems wouldn't make a big, distracting splash. Now I know what has to be done; there's no way around it, but with these suggestions, it could work.

I also appreciate the tone of the coverage which is positive enough to make the critique accessible. Again, thanks a lot. - Jeffrey Jay, Stealing Home

Many thanks again for the extraordinarily thoughtful and kind feedback! As always, with the scripts that I submit that work, and those that don't, I am amazed at how thorough and generous your readers are. - Graham Kosakoski, The Story of Life

As writers, we can't always see our work as another person might. My script received an excellent review from Script Savvy with some minor suggestions to make it better. These little nuances were right in front of me the whole time but I failed to see them myself. Upon making these changes, I found that I had written what is now the funniest scene in the entire script! What is even more commendable is that they do all of this for such a low entry fee. Other services charge upwards of two hundred dollars to provide the same level of feedback. Thank you so much! - Cecil Coleman, Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Wow! I didn't dream the notes would be this thorough or so good. So thanks to Script Savvy. If it is possible, please forward this to the people who read and commented on GETTING RICH--these are excellent notes--thanks! - Steve Bensinger, Getting Rich

Thanks again! I have to say - I've placed in many contests and you've already gotten me more requests than any other. - Irin Evers, Yard Sale

I don't think I can properly articulate the quality of the review that you guys gave my screenplay. You far exceeded my expectations. Whoever reviewed this script read every single word, completely understood what I was trying to do, and provided the necessary feedback I can use to resolve some of the issues I had. You guys are helping me become a better writer. - Steve Hochman, 40 Millimeter

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the feedback. This is my first feature script and the feedback was encouraging, balanced and very useful in terms of skills still to work on and recommended reading. Please pass on my thanks to your readers and I will certainly be submitting more scripts in the future. - Anthony Topham, Claude's Room

Thanks again for everything! It’s exciting to see how much the contest has evolved in such little time! The win has been invaluable in helping get people to take a look at my script. - Graham Kosakoski, Rabbit

Thank you for your very helpful analysis! There are a lot of insights and corrections that are very helpful and will help to clean-up the script and make it better. Being a new writer, I really appreciate the time that was spent reading and analyzing my script. - David Horwitz, Shrink Wrapped

I'd like to thank the reader who did the analysis on the script. The insights and notes were extremely helpful enabling me to focus on the storytelling in a better structured, and descriptive way. Kindly pass along my many thanks. - Cheryl Miller, Fairies Landing

Thanks so much to you and your staff for the insightful feedback and regardless of the contest results, it was worth every penny! - Jody Lewis, Spotless

Great feedback! I found it enormously helpful and I'm excited to get back to work on my script again. Thank you! - Jeffry Halverson, Astoria

Thank you very much for your prompt and thorough notes. You are providing a terrific service to screenwriters looking to one day write great films. - Mark Vickery, The Druggist

I just wanted to tell you how valuable the notes on the two sceeenplays I submitted have been. They are not only a clear, concise assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the scripts, they also offer suggestions about how I can go about fixing the problems and improving the screenplays overall. The notes Script Savvy offers along with its contest entries are the best value I've found in the industry! I'm going to rewrite the scripts and submit them again. Thank you! - Michelle Palmer, Shifting Gears

Thank you for your analysis. You have broken down the script in every way that makes it easy to understand and know what is needed to make it better. I will certainly go back and give it another go based on your suggestions. - Ron Vigil, Searching for Ernie

Thanks for the exceptional feedback on Saturday School. Belated thanks for the analysis I received for The Art of the Chase. Today, I posted my recommendation of Script Savvy on The Triggerstreet message board. You guys are definitely the best! I hope other TS members get the message - savvy writers seek out the professionals at Script Savvy. - Erik Wolter, Saturday School

Thanks so much for your feedback! I had no idea that you would take that much time to review our screenplays. Your evaluation was very detailed and very insightful. Your advice rings true. Your notes will be an enormous help. It is exactly what I needed! This is a five-star service!! - Sean Meri, The Script Gurus

I must say that your Basic Feedback was definitely worth the price along with the contest entry. Thanks again for the great DETAILED feedback and I look forward to submitting my next screenplay to you. - Joseph Frio, Saving Analise

Thank you so much for the awesome, detailed feedback. I feel as if I got much more than I paid for! It confirms what I thought to be the weakest areas of the script, so I now feel confident about the direction I need to go in for the rewrite. -Margie Kaptanoglu, Direct Descent

I just received the analysis and I am very excited. This was my first screenplay and I am looking forward to sending you all more. Your analysis was wonderful and will help me in the future. - Jaydel Leach, Loretta Train

I have received other critiques in the past and again, yours is absolutely amazing. Quality, detailed, in-depth analysis, with on-target suggestions for improvement, and at a ridiculously low cost! It is simply the greatest bargain in the business. - Andrew Crane, Missing Person

I appreciate the in-depth review and the extent to which he or she got acquainted with the story. While I certainly enjoyed the positive feedback, I'm really thankful for the critique points- they pointed out a deficiency neither I nor previous readers had been able to put our fingers on. Thanks again for your service, and I look forward to submitting more work to you in the future. - Stefan Feuerherdt, Finding Dan

Thank you for the detailed, thoughtful feedback... this will really help focus the next rewrite. The effort and quality are much appreciated. - Jean-Francois Chenier, R&R

Please pass on my thanks to your readers for their very helpful and useful coverage of my screenplay. No doubt you’ll hear from me again next year. - Ian Hamilton, Everybody Wins

Wow, your feedback was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much! - Brandon Hatch, The Iron Way

This feedback gives me hope to forge ahead and have faith in my own judgment and writing ability. You get a lot of notes from a lot of different people in this business and sometimes a writer can be overwhelmed. And not in a good way. This is so helpful to me and I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into these notes. Thank you and keep looking for my work because I will be back! - Deborah Stenard, A Snowball's Chance

Thank you. This is great feedback - very impressive in the obvious care the reader took and quite helpful. I will be sending more scripts to scriptsavvy. - Margaret Bertels, Customer Service

Wow! Thank you SO much for the feedback. I am brand new to this game but everything you've said makes sense. The middle act did bother me - too rambly and unfocused. This in-depth critique is well worth the money! You guys sure know your stuff. - Carol Newman-Weaver, A Radical Feminist in a Topless Band

We still have more screenplays on their way in the future. Between you and InkTip we feel we've found the best way to revise and then market our screenplays. Thanks for everything. - Alan Cockrill, The Mind of a Political Assassin

Thanks so much, to you and your readers, for the thoughtful, detailed, and highly encouraging feedback. I have been somewhat reticent about entering contests, as I am fairly new to screenwriting, this being only my second script, and uncertain as to how it would measure up "out there," so the feedback really made my day! I am excited to work on rewrites now! - Michelle Koop, Diana Truly

Many thanks. This is the second screenplay I have submitted to your competition and so far I have found the feedback very constructive and very encouraging (both important!). - Graham Kosakoski, Rabbit

I've just entered your script contest for a second time because I was extremely pleased with my previous analysis. It was very helpful for my subsequent rewrite. Thank you so much and keep up the good work! - Christopher Davis, LoveGems

Received your feedback and thought it was terrific. Thank your reader for me. He/she obviously put in a lot of time and thought and I really appreciate that. - John Brinling, The Devil's Crucible.

Thank you to the consultant who clearly put a lot of time, thought and effort into this. I look forward to using your critique service again. - Gwenhyver Davies, Crooked Arrows

Thank you very much for the cogent and excellent critique that you have given to my recent entry. The suggestions are excellent. I really appreciate the effort that Script Savvy has made in giving me a ten page analysis of my script- I have gotten a lot for my money for entering into the contest. - Terrence Crimmins, Joseph Pulitzer

I was of course very pleased to see the high scores my script received, but I also want to compliment you on the quality of the feedback. I’ve been trying to strengthen the main character and make sure she drives the action of the story, and it is clear from your comments that I accomplished my goal. - Brian Hill, Lightning and Shadows

Wow, this was easily the most comprehensive critique of my script. But, more importantly, it showed a conscientious read, in that it "got" the story's themes and subtler goals. I so appreciate this! Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Leslie Weil, Nowhere Man

Excellent feedback. Thorough. Insightful. Really. It’ll take quite some time to digest. So thank you (very much)! - Eyal Lavi, The Copper Scroll

Thanks! Your notes were very helpful and actually confirmed some things that "little nagging voice" was telling me. It helps to have another set of eyes notice.
Again, this is extremely encouraging and will make the rewrite more fun. - Mike Murphy, The Knuckleballer

I recommend your story consultant to anyone interested in getting a professional review, one that would certainly improve their chances at the industry level... the format is great, and I was especially impressed with this person's sensitivity. - Kenn Neyland, Jamaican Summer

Thank you very much for the feedback, it was really thoughtful. I wish I had come to Script Savvy a lot sooner! - A. Talib, Fury

What can I say? Thank you so much! Very thought provoking feedback. I can see with these changes, a much stronger and distinct story with a faster pace and more heart. - Maryann Beckman, Winnerman

Thank you so much for this feedback. As I've been going through it and making changes, I've realized just how valuable your inputs are. When I signed up for this contest, I had low expectations for the feedback but your assessment was fantastic. It pointed out both the strong and the weak points, as well as provided remedies. I really appreciate the time and effort as well as the interest you took in my script. - Gayle Robinson, It's Game Time!

I’d like to say that the script analysis was extremely helpful to me, and largely provided the basis for the rewrite. The analysis was thoughtful, constructive, sympathetic and encouraging. Many thanks. - Arthur Tan, Apocalypse Again

Thank you so much for the script analysis. It was professional and thorough. The suggestions are great, especially with the plot holes. Both the logline and synopsis are such a bit help. Thanks again for everything. - Lise Lachapelle, Diamond Sky

Thank you for the helpful feedback. I plan to work on many of the suggestions to improve this work. I appreciate the thoroughness of the review. - Lynne Scott, Learning to Heel

I just received my feedback and I have to say that I'm amazed at the depth and detail the readers gave in their critique. They hit on some very important issues, most of which I had a nagging suspicion were a problem. Anyway, just wanted to thank you and let you know how very pleased I am. I have two more scripts you'll be seeing soon! - Marnie Mitchell-Lister, Free Your Skeletons.

Just a quick note to let you know my Script Savvy December winner was solicited for a read by two producers today as the Inktip magazine went out. I'm listed in it, of course, thanks to you and your contest. I also have four new logline views on Inktip. That gives me hope. Just wanted to say "thanks again for the help". - Ron Brassfield, Eclipse.

I recently received my critique and wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent feedback. The reader analyzed the script in-depth and made numerous valuable comments and recommendations. Although problems were identified, the reader's criticisms were offered in a spirit of helpfulness and positive aspects of the script were highlighted as well. You folks are the best! - Andrew Crane, Diamondfield Jack

Thank you for your very helpful and encouraging feedback. You have definitely raised the bar for me by showing me ways to bring out the potential of my story and characters. I am encouraged that you believe the script is worth the trouble and that I am up to the task. - Mike Merrell, Abby West in Ring of Fire

Wow! Thank you so much for your insightful analysis of my script. It is more in-depth than I had expected. The process has helped tremendously to tighten and strengthen my work. With your suggestions, I am confident my script will achieve top form. Again, thank you for such a valuable service! - Genesis Lodise, The Beast

Thanks, excellent feedback. Many of the points you make are areas where I felt myself that I could make more improvements. I will work on the points you have made and most likely resubmit to the contest. I feel that I am getting there, in crisply defining the plot and the main characters. - Craig Schoonover, Up and Down Again

I received your critique today and I thought it was very professionally done. It allows me to correct the changes you pointed out and I received some very high marks on marketability. This has been a very consistent comment thus far. I will continue on with the finishing process and thanks for the precise advice. - Michael Feely, The Milagro Files

Wow, I am deeply impressed with your thorough feedback. I am quite speechless right now so forgive the short email. This is my first screenplay written and entered in any contest, and your feedback gives me hope that with more practice, I can be a professional writer. Thank you so much. - Lisa JohnTre, Jubilee

I just wanted to let you know that the comments were insightful and very helpful. I'm incorporating much of it into my current rewrites. Thanks so much and please thank the readers for me. It's a great service you're providing. - Steve Talevi, It's Not a Game

Once again, excellent feedback and on time. I'm going to send all my first drafts through you guys! Keep up the great work! - Svet Rouskov, The Blue Planet

Thank you very much for the detailed, clear analysis. I knew my script needed work but was too close to it to see the truth. Now I'm very excited because I have a road map for bringing out the true potential of the story. Thanks again. - Lee A. Eide, Dead Man's Plan

Your reputation is well deserved. You gave a thoughtful, insightful and honest review that was well worth the cost. Thank you! - Bob Heske, Rick Head

Thank you for making this one of the most useful screenwriting contests available for aspiring screenwriters. I'm very encouraged to have received Honorable Mention and look forward to submitting additional scripts over the coming months. Thanks again for everything you do to make this opportunity available to us. - Iva Kapetanovic, Oliver, Olivier

Wow! Thank you for the feedback. Your insights are incredibly helpful. I'll be printing this out and going through the script to fix the easy stuff such as punctuation and formatting, and then try to tighten it up and address the character and structure issues. This has been very helpful. - L. Page Hamilton, Bone Crunchers

I simply want to thank you for the wonderful honor (honorable mention) and for the efforts you are making on my behalf. I am in the process of revising my script per the excellent feedback I received, and hope to make myself one of your success stories. - Dan Levinson, Dental School

Thank you so much for the feedback. Although there's a lot to rework, I feel good about it seeing that this is my first script. I wish I would've entered your contest and received this feedback before I entered other contests! - Mark Cummings, Best Supporting Daddy

This was extremely detailed and more thorough than I expected. I am very glad to have these notes for future rewrites. Thanks again! - Laqueta Lewis, A King James Story

Please know how much I appreciate the feedback I received on my script. The readers' remarks, notes and observations were dead-on and will prove very helpful when I work on a revised draft. - Sheri O'Sullivan, The Toymaker's Son

I am truly impressed by what a thorough and comprehensive job you do. This is the only useful, considered feedback I've ever received. I will never submit another script to anyone until you've seen it first. And what a bargain! - Mark Layne, Coming Clean

This is to thank the readers at Script Savvy for their excellent coverage of my screenplay. I agree with everything they said, and am now in a position to embark on a rewrite with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. - Mark Brown, Jesuit

I just want to thank Script Savvy for this feedback. It is thoughtfully written, very direct and provides an excellent analysis of my story. The time and care put into every script really shows! The fact that it is entered into a contest is a bonus, but the feedback is the real prize! - Svet Rouskov, A Spring Upon Her Cable

We just wanted to thank you for the excellent feedback. We've been trying to get some advice addressing specifics and this feedback offers some breakthrough insights for us. We have enjoyed the highly competitive nature of your contest, and now have even more faith in the judges who review the material. - Dennis Douda & Joe Berglove, Knockers

What struck me about the feedback is how close we really are with this script. That gives a writer hope when you know you're on the right track. The suggestions are all well-taken. Thank you so much. This was well worth the money. Our agent is also very pleased and believes that we now have a winner, and we can step up our marketing campaign. Sometimes you just need an impartial read to tell you what's working and what's not. - Mary Kay LaBrie, Harry and Beano

Thank you very much for the feedback on my script. I've had a chance to correct many of the problems your readers identified. Your Directory of Screenwriter Agents and Managers is exactly what I need to go forward with my plans for the New Year. - Cash Anthony, Ninth Lord of the Night

Thank you so much for the great feedback. It was both encouraging and thought provoking. This has been a great, positive experience and I will recommend you to all the struggling writers I know. - Ruth Johnson, To the Ice

You do not know how much I appreciate the time and thought that went into the feedback. I think the way you run things is invaluable. - Glenn Lissner, Home Boys

This is an intelligent, clear critique. Well done. Thank you! - Paul Myerberg, Rescue

I just received feedback on my two scripts and wanted to send a big thank you to the readers for their very helpful suggestions. I was very encouraged by the readers' comments. It's clear they read the screenplays carefully and their suggestions were all positive and constructive. - Guy Winch, SoleMates and The Lamb

Thanks for all the script requests for my finalist script The Paper Route. I've gotten fewer requests from contests I've won! - Danny Howell, The Paper Route and Visions

Your contest follows through, and I'm very happy to go on record as saying so. This contest has gotten me by FAR the most requests since the Nicholls Fellowships. - Anita Jean Justice (winner 2007), Mine

Thank you for the feedback on my script. I was very impressed with the level of coverage and the quality of the comments. Of course I agree with the high marks! But I even agreed with the negatives and found them very insightful. This is very helpful and will guide me in my rewrites. Kudos to you and your readers. - Tom Patrick, Black Sun

I really appreciate the time and consideration that obviously went into the comments that I received. Keep up the good work - we need more contests like this. - Lise Bennett, En el Nombre de Dios

Thank you so much for the informative feedback. I not only learned something but felt inspired by the intelligent insight! - Michele Wong, The Principle of Uncertainty According to Hal Bruno

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful feedback. The screenplay I entered to your contest was the first script I had ever written. Your feedback has given me the courage and confidence to pursue the goal of being a professional writer. - Farhan Arshad, Prodigy:From A to Z to F to A

Script Savvy is wonderful at promoting winning scripts to producers. This contest is a quality springboard to getting your script read by the right people. - Kenneth Shelden, The Playwright

Excellent, thoughtful, detailed feedback (with scores) from two readers (combined). At last, evidence that my screenplay was actually read from FADE IN to FADE OUT. The comments are succinct and get straight to the heart of the matter. They don't hesitate to suggest areas which need attention, but they don't tell you to write a different screenplay. The readers suggested two particular quick changes which I had already made, based on similar comments from A Feeding Frenzy. The fact that I got the same suggestions from readers at two contests doubles their credibility. I highly recommend this contest. It's worth the entry fee just for the highly professional feedback. - Terry Frazier, Blue Ground

Script Savvy is helping screenwriters evolve into better screenwriters. - Julio Torres, Living Love

This contest is excellent. I received extremely helpful, thoughtful and supportive comments on my script, which won an Honorable Mention. The judges took the time to understand the vision and dynamics of my script. They made incisive suggestions on how to improve the script itself, as well as its marketability. I would highly recommend this contest to any screenwriter. - Reggie Littlejohn, Pearls of China

I never knew there could be so much personal caring in this industry. Besides receiving extremely helpful comments on the script's strengths and weaknesses, I received encouragement. - Haik Hakobian, Getting the Business

All I can say is WOW. They were a day early in their results! Unheard of! I would recommend this contest 100%. The feedback was on target and encouraging words go a long way for a struggling screenwriter! Thanks Script Savvy! - Maryann Beckman, Winnerman (co author Susan Skalinski)

The coordinators should be commended for doing an excellent job with this contest. They announced results early and promptly delivered feedback. The comments I received were very helpful. I could tell the readers "got" my script, even though it is not "high concept." And to top all that, I've already received requests to read my script. I highly recommend this contest. - Steven Knox, In the Lion's Den

This was an extremely worthwhile contest. The prizes were significant, and they were delivered in a timely matter. The notification was on time (actually, it was even a day ahead!) Most importantly, the contest coordinator was very kind and seemed genuinely interested in helping me and the other winners promote our scripts. I am VERY glad I entered Script Savvy. - Mike McGeever, Smilers

I usually cringe when I see competition feedback in the subject line of an e-mail. My feedback experience has been rather bleak, i.e., "Slash and mutilate" and call it constructive criticism. Script Savvy gave encouraging, pragmatic feedback. I'd recommend this contest heartily. - Susan Burns, Fanta Se

I'm greatly heartened by these notes and can't tell you how much I appreciate this thoughtful and incredibly helpful feedback. I have no doubt that this will help my work advance to the next level, and hopefully place higher in the future. - Tim Hall, Club It Up

This is an excellent contest. I'm very impressed with the feedback. I've received some very helpful information. Thank you again. - Barbara Frances, Saving Grace

Just reviewed the feedback and I think it's dead-on - very much in sync with comments I've gotten from other folks in the business. Great work by your readers. - Ben Jones, Last One Out

Thanks so much for your feedback. It is exactly what I wanted to hear from professionals. It's nice to know the weaknesses of what we do as writers so we can strive to improve our work. It was an eye-opener and very helpful. - John Flynt, Esperancia